For Daddy

Today I had the pleasure of doing a few shots for a friend of mine to surprise her husband. I’ve previously had a photo shoot with this family before. Miss J is full of personality and such a wonderful helper. That we managed to get her little bro to stay still for at least30seconds. It’s not the ideal perfect posed family portaits. If anyone was around they would have had laughing fits, watching the crazy person with the camera jump up and down trying to get attention, chasing the bush turkey away and my failure to produce bubbles from my dud batch of bubble mix. In the end i’ve come out with some wonderful images everyone is sure to love.

Beware of the blue eyes ……

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Never too young

We went up to the Sunshine Coast, to visit my parents who were camping for a few days. Coming from rural at that point of time, the kids had only been to the beach a few times. This one I found and fell in love with …..

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Princess Ella

I had a wonderful shoot with Ella’s mummy both maternity and newborn. It wasn’t until day two I met Sweet Princess Ella my challenge was ahead. I’ve forgotten how fast 21mth olds move lol. Most gorgeous eye’s I have seen.

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It wasn’t me

Today when walking around the yard I found a nice freshly dug hole. After the dog looking at me like I was a nutcase the evidence was there, dried mud above his nose as well as muddy footprints on the Verandah. He’s also taking up sand sniffing. So it’s all in the evidence!

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Oh, what a day.

My eldest had her sports day on Friday.



Even the F1-11’s flew over

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I finally get one …

It’s so hard to catpure a nice shot of my three. They’re always looking in different directions or someone is sulking. Today I got one, yipee!


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Congratulations Lisa, Brett and Boys

on the arrival of Levi. Oh he’s delightful and just gorgeous!! I managed to go and photograph Levi yesertday at 3weeks. Boy, doesn’t time fly!!



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