The upcoming photographer

Either my influence has rubbed off??? Master 3 bought a little camera the other night and has been taking pictures since. Although we do end up looking like 12 different animals, scary thought!!

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My beautiful and beloved Nanna passed away this week.

I was hoping to get a sunset shot on the day Nanna passed away. Sadly and due to other circumstances I was unable. We went to Maroon Dam for a BBQ lunch today. As soon as I saw this I thought of her ….


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Redcliffe Sunset

Just thought I’d let you know I’ll be taking a short break due to family commitments. Take care….

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Unsure and Love relationships

Miss 5 is often weary of the dog. They have the unsure relationship.

Master 3 well he’s just full of life like to dog. Both loved each other that I’m often finding him cuddling or wrestling the dog.

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She’s a big girl now.

Awww my baby is growing up. Miss 5 just lost her first tooth. She’s so excited about the tooth fairy coming.

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I’ve been loading all photos on my blog the wrong way, so this is a test.

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