Miss E


Miss B

Sorry LB this is the only I’ve managed to load up so far due to connection problems.

Miss G

It’s been nearlly 4 months since I was lucky enough to do Miss G’s newborn shoot at less than 24 hours old. Miss G is so serious it was hard to get her to smile and when she did, G would either be looking the other way or borrow her head into the blanket. Still you can’t do anything but smile when you see the many faces of G.

LB there is alot more to come 🙂

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Lost child

Master 3 came in from playing outside yesterday all dirty, photoshoot! This is a little darker than I usually do but love the feel to it

This shot I love the cheeky smerk. For someone who is usual hard to get photos of he played well.

Two of many takes

It was so funny trying to get this shot. Miss A’s head was everywhere or I got the cross eyed look. Of course I didn’t get any of them as I was on the ground laughing.

Congratulations M and L

I was hoping to get a shot like this last time I did Miss A’s shoot. M proposed to L during the birth of Miss A such a beautiful and gorgeous moment.

A little shy

Master 3 didn’t want his photo taken. It was getting to that time of the day where he needed to sleep. But i couldn’t resist this building, it’s absolutely beautiful. I love old buildings!

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