Ipswich’s most waited for baby.- Ipswich Newborn Photography

Oh he is soooo devine, perfect in every way. Hair, Hair and more hair. Cuddly, snuggly and the cutest knee tuck ….¬†Congratulations S, S, L, J & K on the birth of your new little son & brother.

Barnyard Animals – Animal Photographer

It’s been chaos here lately.

Last Saturday we went up to the Esk State School fete. Kerry and Kirsty did a outstanding job and when I last checked their heads were still attached to their bodies, just. My two youngest had the best time playing with the barn yard animals. Watching the firemen race around on the mini firetruck, watching the policeman being dunked. It was great to catch up with old friends too.

J and K – Ipswich Wedding Photographer

Spunky Groom and Gorgeous Bride …. Here you go J, sorry for the delay I haven’t forgotton.

Few shots for R & D – Wedding Photography

Let me know which one, if any that suits. I’ve also got a shot of the buggy, I’ll add that in the morning as it’s a little too late now and we all know I need as much beauty sleep as I can get.

Mother of the bride arrives in style

Nicole and I had a ball photographing this. It was so sweet and gorgeous watching them ride down the street. Mother of the bride is the lovely lady with the hat on. I think we gave the other horse a bit of a heart attack down the road when we were standing in the middle of the road trying to get photos.

Highest amount of views ever!!

Just wanted to thank everyone who has come in to look at my blog today. I’ve recieved the highest views to date!!!

There’s also a few more wedding pictures to come.

Thankyou Kylie.

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J & K Wedding Ipswich Wedding Photography