Last day of spring

Thinking back to early childhood the year would go so slow. Christmas would take forever to come again. Then we grow up, have children and it feels like yesterday we just had Christmas. It’s funny to think back this time last year when I was thinking my baby is going to prep next year. Now it’s hard to believe Yr 1 is just around the corner. Today was the last day of spring and while the children played in the pool. I was able to take photos of the agapanthus.




Handsome taken to another level!

What more can I say?? A little prince charming in the making ……


Things you find

This morning we decided to walk to school. On the way out the door I thought I’d grab my camera just incase we find something along the way. There are these beautiful flowers in a creek just around the corner but due to the storms they’re not looking as pretty, or standing at the moment. A little further up Master 3 and I found two gorgeous pony’s. At first one was a little hesitant and neighed at us, but it wasn’t before long one came up to us. Talk about a pony’s dream thick, green lush grass to eat.





Over the past few months I’ve been trying to learn how to do storyboards. Well finally, with alot of thanks to my good friend Andrea 🙂 I can finally make them, yay!!


Life is full of colour

Everyday I’m presented with beautiful flowers, sometimes they have a gorgeous smell, other times my gosh they stink….. The phrase is ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and although the garden looks bare without colour. Master 3 loves to pick flowers for mummy.



Congratulations to the winners of the Canon5 competition

Two people I know won in their category. Big congratulations to Caspix and Nicole Ramsey, so happy for both of you ….

If you’d like to see the winners of the Canon5 2008 click Here

Fantastic work!!

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Day 2

Nic and I have been planning to send the boys skydiving. Finally months after we booked them in. Due to winds on the Saturday it was cancelled. Due to clouds on the Sunday it was cancelled. Now I say just throw them out the flippin plane … parachute or non (Yep, we love you boys) On the Sunday we took our trio up with us. So Nic and I decided we’d play in the park instead.