Old friends – Brisbane Photographer

I finally caught up with a good friend of mine who I met in a nightclub a few too many years ago. Or should I say R picked me up *wink, wink* Reminiscing on the old days and giggling at how much we use to party. It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other. Between our 5 children we headed to the park to let them run riot …. Here’s for you R, sorry they’re a bit late.

Miss 3 Kept us busy and on the go. My gosh this girl must have ants in her pants, I don’t think I saw her sit longer than 10 seconds. Did I mention that Miss 3 is also so much like her mother??


Now to tell you a little of how long R and I have known each other Miss 11 … yes 11, how time flys!! It just feels like yesterday Miss11 was born. Now a beautiful young lady …






2 Responses to “Old friends – Brisbane Photographer”

  1. Nic Says:

    Lovely sharp photos Kylie – looks like the girls had a blast!

  2. Rani Smith Says:

    They are beautiful kylie, you have done a wonderful job on the photo’s. It was such a good day and we should catch up more often….luv you honey R

    9 December 2008

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