Mary and Joseph

This year Miss 5’s class put on a Christmas play teaching us a little history of Christmas. We learnt how different cultures from all over the world celebrate Christmas. A few mothers were discussing about how the children were coming home and telling us that if your naughty Jack Black gives you coal instead of receiving presents from Santa. With us all puzzled and scratching our heads, soon it was all reveled.

Miss 5 was lucky enough to play the Part of Mary. During her trek Joseph lifting her up upon her donkey, he whisked her off to Bethlehem. Where poor Mary endured a hard labour with Jesus umbilical cord getting stuck. So many parents in giggles when Mary was told to pull rather than push.









2 Responses to “Mary and Joseph”

  1. Nic Says:

    Congrats to Miss 5 on the hard yet rewarding birth!! Fantastic work on that B&W Kylie!!

  2. andreawo Says:

    LOL! I love the story with it Kylie! I guess it will be h’s turn next year.

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