At the bottom of the rainbow – Ipswich Family Photographer

We had the best day yesterday! M, A and Master H came 4WD driving with us. Hoping to get awesome river streams again, we were a little disappointed. But the Queen Mary Falls once again didn’t fail to disappoint.





As the sunsets. – Ipswich Photographer

It’s been an extremely busy day today. I’d say one of the busiest days of the holidays so far. Running here, running there. This evening after this evenings, hmmm run, jog, brisk walk really a bit of everything. I was hoping to get more of a earlier sunset and had given up all hope until I saw this. I love sunset and would adore sunrise if it wasn’t so early and I didn’t go to bed so late every night.

Photo a day 09.01.09

Little Mermaid- Ipswich Children Photography

08.01.09 photo for today is of  my friends beautiful little princess. Isn’t she just a total sweetheart?? We had a fantastic day catching up with friends. Although the water was too cold for me, it didn’t stop everyone else 🙂


I couldn’t leave without adding one of Master 3’s girlfriend.

Battle fields

Miss 5 and Master 3 we’re playing horses around the house. I remember doing this when I was little. Oh, the memories of being bucked off. All was safe and no one was bucked off.  Although the horse did have a mighty long tail … I’m a little late with the upload for day 07.01.09.


I’m a ballerina

Miss 5 that is not me. This princess will go from one extreme to another … climbing, running, jumping to dancing, swaying and singing.

06-01-09 photo a day

Swimming is taking over

This is all Miss 9 can think about, so now our swimming time has just tripled. Boy, oh boy what am I in for?

Colour version can be seen in my flickr stream.



The last few days has been tantrum central. Hehe I managed to catch one in the act. If you ask me what this one was about, I couldn’t tell. Others now they may be a different story.

Hmmm now that I’ve take a photo of all three of my children …. Now what to I do for the next 27days????