Little sister, now big sister

It’s been hectic around here lately, lots of late nights. With excitement, sadly I cannot release until the end of March, early April.

Meanwhile last Thursday, I had the pleasure of photographing newborn Chiara… photos to come soon. But while Chiara was off having a quick feed. I asked Denae if she’d like some photos too. With a massive smile and nodding, off we went. Denae is so sweet and lovely, very quiet but of course it didn’t take long for the giggles to start with our funny faces.

Don’t forget to come back and check Chiara






Happy Birthday to my little man

Wow it’s hard to believe that 4 years has past, since the birth of now Master 4. What can I say everyday is different and entertaining!! Over the last couple of months Master 4 has changed from the quiet shy child, into a talking, walking confident boy who is just full of life. I bribed him today for photos and of course it had to include the dog. Seriously who ever says never to work with children or animals is on the right track, so they both just went for it.




There are more images coming, so feel free to check back soon. Just currently arguing with computer space, sadly the computer is winning.

I’m slowly winning ….




There is one thing that can’t be tamed is the love that Master 4 has for his dog. Who also turned 1 yesterday.

Down on the beach

Part III

After the ceremony we headed down to the beach. It was gorgeous, the light was right and the wind play the part blowing Hayley’s dress. The afternoon was beautiful!! Here is a quick selection from the beach. Thankyou once again Kevin and Hayley, I’ll be intouch soon.

Thankyou to my assistant for the day, Andrea. To see Andrea’s sneak peak they can be viewed

Shhh, the honeymooners are almost back.

My gosh the last few days i’ve been busy sifting through the photos upon photos. If your friends and family or regular Kylie Eather Photography fans *wink, wink* please feel free to leave ‘Congratulations comments’ for Kevin and Hayley in my comments section.

Here is part II for Kevin and Hayley.



Check out Kevin’s hand!




Congratulations Kevin and Hayley

Finally the day had arrived. So much preparation and thought had been planned in Kevin and Hayley’s wedding. The magnificent detail that both mother of the bride and bride had put into the invitations, name tags, table numbers, cards, gift boxes right up to the gorgeous tiered cupcake wedding cake, is unbelievable! Going with a black and white theme (much to the photographers heart attack, as any photographer would know)  every last detail was tied together. Thankyou so much Kevin and Hayley in allowing me to come and capture your special day.

While our newlyweds are on the honeymoon, I have special permission to post a few sneak previews.

Part I










There is nothing more Australian …

Then to be born on Australia Day! I was excited when I recieve a phone call from Michelle to see if I could come and capture some newborn shots. Aww this little aussie bloke was a delight and quite happily slept through everything. By the end I had little Dylan this way and that way, just about anyway you can imagine. I also had the joy of capturing Dylan’s two older brothers. Hehe I was kept on my toes all day! Thankyou for your call Michelle, here is a sneak preview for you and i’ll be in touch within the next few days.





Only a few more sleeps …. Ipswich Wedding Photographer

How exciting this weekend I’ll be off to the Gold Coast to photography Kevin and Hayley’s wedding. So many beautiful bits and pieces have been created. From what I hear there is plenty more to come. I was lucky enough to have a quick session with Kevin and Hayley before the rain set in for the afternoon. Here are a few shots for you K & H, I’ll be back in the morning to add more for you.