Sunday afternoon at Shorncliffe

Last Sunday I met up with P & B for a family shoot. Gorgeous afternoon with beautiful light, lots of people around and we wont mention the yummy smells coming from the BBQ’s. You might remember a little while ago, I had a photoshoot with Georgia as a newborn, well 4 mths on I was back to get proud big sister C and big brother J.


Proud Mummy Moment – Ipswich Children Photographer

Today is the first time Miss 5 went to swim at Chandler for part of her swimming lessons for Aquatic Achievers. At this level, they get to two stokes of their choice (freestyle, backstroke or breaststroke) My baby is so tiny, actually I think she was the smallest of them all. So proud Miss 5 did really well and was good to see the confidence to swim in both the dive pool, then did happily went and did another 50meters straight of backstroke in the big pool.

I did have a giggle, as Miss 5 Dived into both pools then asked if she can use the big diving boards.

Congratulations Rashide and Sameena – Ipswich Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday I was invited to come and capture the beautiful Indian wedding for Rashide and Sameena. Jumping with delight at the thought of richvibrant colours, amazing detail from head to toe. I was excited and couldn\’t wait until Saturday. Congratulations Rashide and Sameena here are a few images from your beautiful day. I\’ll be in touch soon! 

Just a quick nap …

Asking permission from the bride

First time both the Bride and Groom see each other as Husband and Wife …

April Fools Day on me.

As some of you may have noticed, to the right of the screen is my flickr, which takes you to another stream of my photos. On Flickr which is a online photo hosting site, full of photographers, hobbyist, etc. They have a 500 photo uploads of the day ‘Explore’. It’s quite interesting to flick through these time to time and see the amazing talent all over the world.

Every year the people who create this have a April Fools joke with a variety of flickr members. This year seems to be my turn with 836 of my photos hitting explore. Which really first three on mine shown here … have hit explore. It’s quite funny looking at 75 of the 836 all together at once.