For my husband – Shameless Ipswich Photographer

I did work today. Okay one child at home sick, million other things I was suppose to be doing. Self portraits are really hard!! I have to confess I was too lazy to get the tripod, so all shots were taken handheld, so excuse some of the angles  and the housework clothes lol.

The first and most likely the last time you’ll see me behind and infront of the camera, so enjoy!

Mothers Day Surprise – Ipswich Newborn Photographer

Firstly I’d like to congratulate S & L. Miss G is one of my  most placid, relaxed beautiful babies I’ve had so far. Normally we heat up the room, so everyone is nice and toasty. But on Sunday the weather was nice and we headed out on the back veranda for our photo session. Miss G had no problems stripping down, not even a stir when we had her hanging in the air. Thank you so much for inviting me to come and capture your sweet princess. I hope you enjoy your photos.

Miss G at 7days …. Part 1.






Saturday afternoon fun – Ipswich Family Photographer

I’ve gotten to know A from our parents group way back in 2005. We’ve managed to catch up a couple of times over the last 4 years. But I was honored when A contacted me to do a family photography session. It was a beautiful afternoon. Miss L (4) was a little chatterbox from the start, full of energy, full of life. I get the giggles watching our once “05 babies” grow up. Now I can’t forget beautiful twins Miss M and Miss C who kept me on my toes. Its wonderful to watch the bond and connection between the two. Thank you A & R for inviting me to spend the afternoon with you. I promise next time to triple check and confirm the time.

Railway Museum – Ipswich Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to the Railway Museum with the year1’s from our school.  I haven’t got permission to show the all of the children. I couldn’t go without showing a piece of the day. One of the tours we went on.

Happy Mothers Day.

Sorry for the lack of posting. Once again life has been hectic lots of late nights catching up, sickness with children. Plus the normal day to day running. There is meaning to ‘not enough hours in the day’

It’s been a fun week, Friday morning I spent a few hours at Kindy with my youngest for Mothers Day. It’s funny to watch all these little boys and girls running around and hard to imagine in a blink of an eye they’ll be grown up. This weekend is all about my family, they’ve been feeling neglected for the last few months. So just after lunch we set off, scooters in the back and headed to Shorncliffe Jetty. I love it out there!!

While the two youngest ran off to play Miss 9 decided to let me have a play. Normally it’s hard to get a nice photo as I get the weird faces but today was just beautiful. There will be plenty more to come, it’s late and once again I should be in bed….