Brendan & Renee – Ipswich Wedding Photographer

On the 19th of September, I had the pleasure of watching my baby cousin getting married. There wasn’t a tear spared upon Renee’s arrival! I find every wedding a pure delight to watch and photograph. Although I never realised how hard it was to photograph and have tears at the same time. Thankyou so much Renee and Brendan for sharing your special day.





6 Responses to “Brendan & Renee – Ipswich Wedding Photographer”

  1. Lizz Says:

    Once again beautiful photos Kylie!! I love the one with the green paddock in the background. So much colour and depth!! Well done – and NO-ONE would guess there was dust storm that day!!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Gorgeous wedding Kylie!! Love your use of textures!!

  3. Debra Says:

    well done Kylie. I can really see the emotion of the wedding in the photos. You have an amazing ability to have the people in your photos stand out so clearly, even with such stunning backgrounds. Even when the background would be an awesome photo in its own right, somehow your people almost sit on top and draw the eye.

  4. Liddell Says:

    Beautiful – Love the sun rays over the kiss.. just perfect!

  5. Renee Roman Says:

    love them, they are so amazing thank you so much kylie. talk soon

  6. ashlee darvill Says:

    great job cousin u know i ll be calling you when i get married when i get married it the word!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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