Brenda – Shave for a cure part III & Funky Face Painting

This week Brenda and I finally arranged to catch up for the after photos for Shave for a cure and maternity. We also mixed it up a little with Vanessa from Funky Face Painting, as I’ve been promising a belly for awhile. Of course during our session I did get a little distracted with Master 2. Finally capturing a smile while he’s looking at the camera, he’s a hard one to catch!


4 Responses to “Brenda – Shave for a cure part III & Funky Face Painting”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Fabulous job. The one with the kid at the gate, suitcase in hand, is so reminiscent of my own little tantrums as a child where I’d pack my bags and “run away” from home! So much to comment on with this post – beautiful belly painting, courageous hair shaving, gorgeous kiddo!

  2. LK Says:

    Great job on the belly painting! What a beautiful location!

  3. Sharon Fyfe Says:

    Fantastic! I LOVE the belly painting!!

  4. Gemma Higgins Says:

    WOW!! she looks fantastic! short hair suits!
    Congrats on the shave, and stunning painting!

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