A mothers tender touch – Ipswich Family Photographer

I finally got to meet up with my beautiful friend Susan another talented photographer. Master E came for a visit and mini photo session. He’s sooo cute and the youngest of 8 boys. Yes, it amazes me everyday how carefree, relaxed and calm Susan is! Thank you Susan for coming over, can’t wait to catch up again!!

6 Responses to “A mothers tender touch – Ipswich Family Photographer”

  1. Chrissy Berry Says:

    Awww my bestie looks amazing in these and I couldn’t love little E more if he were my own. You’ve captured them *beautifully* Kylie!!
    Chrissy x

  2. kylieeatherphotography Says:

    I swear Susan is a natural infront of the camera! Yes, Master E is just divine, loved having both of them here. Oh and got to meet Master A he’s a classic!!

  3. Chrissy Berry Says:

    LOL Yes my godbubba A is definitely a cutie pie. He was here on Tuesday and kept us amused. *grin*

  4. Susan Says:

    Kylie you did a wonderful job. I always cherish nice photos of my children and I. Oh and btw Master A is still talking about you.

  5. kimmy0808 Says:

    Such cute little brown eyes, without a doubt he really is one of the most irresistible and cute little boy I have seen.

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