ACOCP – David, Kristy and Renee

I’m a proud member of Australian Community of Children Photographers also known as ACOCP

With written permission I’m able to share with you Renee Leiani –  Renee meaning – Reborn and the meaning of  Leiani – Heavenly blossoms. We all found out this when Uncle Tommy came to visit …

9 days old and so chubbalious everyone in the room could eat her. I meet with Renee and her wonderful family. During this time I was able to capture some beautiful moments between Renee, Mummy, Daddy, Nan, Pop, Aunty and Uncle, Pop and Aunty. Bathing, cuddles, feeding how lucky was I able to cherish this moment. Thinking of you Renee, Kristy, Dave and family.

While I was there Kristy wrote a few words.

” We first found out that Renee Leiani had some problems at 20 weeks. We were told that she wouldn’t make it full term. It was a hard and stressful 9 months but Dave and I were hopeful and our faith that God would bring our little girl to us. Renee was born on 6.7.10 and she didn’t stop fighting from day 1. Her will to live and her strength has inspired both Dave and I and our friends and family. She is so graceful our little angel, a perfect little treasure who was just given a body that didn’t work that well.

She held our hand and would just stare at us. She had such big dark beautiful eyes that we get lost in. She has blessed our lives forever …..”

to show you how chubby Miss Renee is …

Thank you to Colleen and staff at Mater Mothers Hospital Brisbane.

18 Responses to “ACOCP – David, Kristy and Renee”

  1. Leanne Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So glad you were able to give this family beautiful memories Kylie. x

  2. Karen Villiers Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful family with us. The images are stunning Kylie. What a wonderful gift. Renee is a beautiful baby girl. My
    thoughts and prayers for the family. Xo

  3. Liz Says:

    Oh Kylie, what beautiful photos and what a beautiful thing for you to do for the family, to be able to cherish the photos forever. A very precious family indeed.

  4. Marieke Says:

    What a wonderfully fitting name. I can see the love this family has for Renee and each other. Such a wonderful and self-less gift you are giving to this family. Wishing them strength for the fight ahead.

  5. Jayne Says:

    Beautiful, lovely memories for Renee’s family. She’s just so lovely 🙂

  6. Jenny Ruddle Says:


    What wonderful memories for these parents, a gift i am sure they will treasure forever. You have done an amazing job here.My thoughts go out to the parents at this time.

  7. Whint Says:

    Kylie you are a beautiful soul and have captured this beautiful little girl perfectly…. such a cutie, she is just divine! My thoughts and well wishes go to her and her lovely family!! xx

  8. Kristen Cook Says:

    Such beautiful love…

  9. Rachel Richter Says:

    Just beautiful – what amazing moments you’ve captured….goosebumps!


  10. Philly Says:

    Beautiful images Kylie, you have truly given them a gift to treasure!

  11. kristy Says:

    i am renee leilani mummy n i want to thank u kylie for all that u did. You truely captured how beautiful my lil girl is n was. Sadly she passed away the following morning, she iis with god now , some treasures he just cant share with us for too long . Her beautiful strength n heart with foreva b with us n thank u from myself n my family for these perfect images.
    Thank u xxxx

    • kylieeatherphotography Says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss Kristy and Dave. Renee will be forever in my heart. Thank you for allowing me to come in and spend a couple of hours with your precious angel and family. Thinking of all of you during this time. I’ll be in touch soon with your images.

  12. Emma Says:

    Just Beautiful!!! I have know Kristy & her family for a very long time & my heart my heart broke when i heard of the very sad news. You captured the love & the strength that Kristy & Dave & all their families had so well. Thank you for sharing these phots with us.

  13. bec+fo Says:

    oh kylie, these are all so special and wonderful images. what a wonderful gift for this amazing family.

  14. Janet Palmer Says:

    So so beautiful and such a treasure of memories

  15. Bec bennett Says:

    Beautiful baby girl, what a gorgeous wee poppet Renee is! Wonderful images Kylie, I can feel the love through them xx

  16. Mandy Says:

    Kylie, these are so precious and I’m sure Renee’s beautiful parents will cherish them always. Thank you for sharing. Peace and love to Kristy and Dave and all their family xox

  17. Kerry Says:

    Kylie, such beautiful photos to make sure Renee’s family have their very special moments recorded forever. What a beautiful baby. To Renee’s family, may God help you through your darkest moments. Renee will always be your shining light

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