Brenda – Shave for a cure part III & Funky Face Painting

This week Brenda and I finally arranged to catch up for the after photos for Shave for a cure and maternity. We also mixed it up a little with Vanessa from Funky Face Painting, as I’ve been promising a belly for awhile. Of course during our session I did get a little distracted with Master 2. Finally capturing a smile while he’s looking at the camera, he’s a hard one to catch!


Shave for a cure part II – Brenda the day it was …..

Yesterday I had a quick mini shoot with Brenda and Family before they headed off for ‘the shave’ Still unreal for what was to happen. Brenda was in good spirits ….

I can confirm Brenda has gone through and looks soooo good! Photos of after will be taken soon ….

It’s not too late to sponsor if you’d like to make a pledge you can here

Touch of the heart – Shave for a Cure Lisa, Dylan and Brenda

This morning while talking to my wonderful friend who’ve I’ve been lucky enough to meet 3 years ago. Going about our daily chit chat I hear scattered words ‘Shave, Head, Dylan’ …. What??? Just last Friday you had your hair done. With a big cheeky smile “Yes” popped out of Brenda’s mouth. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful and caring friend, who’d do anything for her family and friends.

A little story behind Lisa and Dylan (Brenda’s words) “I was crying lying here just thinking about Lisa and how to put into words to share this beautiful person who wasn’t just a sister in law but was my dearest friend for over 20yrs we all went to school together….”

Dylan was just 7yo when his Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer – Lisa just 32.

Lisa turned all her energies into battle this insidious disease, she underwent major surgery and had several rounds of Chemotherapy and radiation therapy and had other major surgical procedures.  Lisa always approached these bravely and without complaint believing all would be ok in the end.  After 5 years and a long fight Lisa felt she had got on top of her health problems and in 2006 she returned to work. However in November 2007 a devastating blow the cancer had returned in her Liver and bones, after the initial shock Lisa again started to fight bravely and without complaint believing she could beat it again something she believed till the very end. Lisa always had a smile and her concern was always for others especially for her son Lisa loved life and lived it to the fullest. Sadly on the 19th July 2009 Lisa at just 40 lost her battle.

Dylan who has recently turned 16 has organised an event on Sunday to shave for a cure so to support my nephew and raise some money for a very good cause I will be also going under the clippers!!

If you’d like to sponsor Brenda and Dylan please contact me via      I can pass on your details to Brenda. I’ll be blogging over the next few months, as Brenda is 34 weeks pregnant. This Friday I’ll be doing a mini maternity session, along with after the shave then further along once “Willy or Wilhelmina” comes into the world.

Photo of Lisa and Dylan

Photo a day – day 11 Ipswich Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

Today we had friends over. After the recent wet weather it’s warmed up over the last few days. So iceblocks all round!

Photo a day – Day 7 Brisbane & Ipswich Animal Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January. Today was a quite day at home. Kids weren’t too interested in having their photo taken today. So our kitten was model for day 7.

Photo a day – Day 6 Ipswich Family Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day. Today was busy both Miss 10 and Miss 6 had friends over. Who said having 5 children wasn’t crazy, noisy and busy! Where do we end up? … the pool of course.

just to prove there is a child under Miss 6’s mop of hair

Photo a day – Day 3 Brisbane and Ipswich Photographer

Personal Challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January. Have just rained Master 4 was outside running around. Somehow poor little mite stepped on a small rock which stuck into his foot. Once pulled and soaking in the bath he popped up to have a look what was going on outside. Shortly after this shot, I was shot by a cannon from air floating pirate ship. All is okay and the foot is fine!