Photo a day – Day 19 Ipswich Children Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

Today was a lazy one, after Miss 10 having a friend sleep over and the chitter chat, plus the pitter pat of footsteps to see who could last until midnight. Both girls out did each other and 1:50am rolled on when all was asleep. Having thought I may have a snappy tom this afternoon it wasn’t the eldest but the younger two *sigh* Finding someone … something to inspire me was hard! Loosing light, I quickly grabbed Miss 10, who was excited to be the photo a day.


The day before C & R’s little man arrives …

This afternoon we had a quick shoot for C & R who’s little man will come tomorrow. Poor R I had her up down, in and out. Head up R … be proud! Thank you for this afternoon, I know you’ll love your photos just as much as I do. Good luck for tomorrow and thankyou for your patience with my three running at riot in the background. Peeking over the lounge and swinging off air.

This photo cracks me up!!

Sweet tender touch

I couldn’t resist. After taking a few days off I’m just finishing off the last bits to my newborn shoot last Friday and I couldn’t help myself by playing around with more for you Belinda.


Handsome taken to another level!

What more can I say?? A little prince charming in the making ……