Miss Willamina 13 days – Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Second time lucky, is second time funny. Finally we had a sleep baby, she was so good!! Older brother (Master 2) whilest being my little assistant, he also kept me entertained!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full black and white post.

Brenda and her spunky fuzz :p

Master 2 went in and stole a baby chick while we were busy taking the first image. Oh it was funny, as all I heard was he’s got a chicken. Expecting a large chicken to be flung under one arm, out pops this chick. Of course Brenda couldn’t help herself as I was working hard in pops this chick.

Sweet and innocent! A photographer knows when they need to go on a diet when you hear ‘bum bum’ love it, he still cracks me up!

Photo a day – day 13 …. some photographers should just stay behind the camera.

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

This is actually the hardest thing for me to do. Self portraits are hard, like really hard. I wont let you know how many photos i’ve taken and how many ended up being deleted. Lets just say …. it will be a long time before it happens again! Enjoy while it’s here, as it may not stay and HOPEFULLY I’ll find something better throughout the day. Be prepared and it’s cool to close your eyes if you wish …. I know I am. By the way I wasn’t joking from my self portrait on day 9, see the¬†¬†resemblance? lol