C & D Hatton Vale – Wedding

On the 3rd of October I had  pleasure  of photographing C & D wedding at Hatton Vale. There were showers and storms predicted for the day, we ended up with high winds and dust storm. Oh the dust, no one could imagine my face as I drove over the mountain to see the  …. see the … yeah no mountains in the distance.

The day turned out to be just gorgeous!  From house, to farm, church … can’t forget the beautiful, lush and green after location garden!!   Thankyou C & D I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon I’ll be in touch soon with the rest of your gallery.

 Thankyou Geoff for shooting and assisting me on the day. It was wonderful to work with you again!















Congratulations Rashide and Sameena – Ipswich Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday I was invited to come and capture the beautiful Indian wedding for Rashide and Sameena. Jumping with delight at the thought of richvibrant colours, amazing detail from head to toe. I was excited and couldn\’t wait until Saturday. Congratulations Rashide and Sameena here are a few images from your beautiful day. I\’ll be in touch soon! 

Just a quick nap …

Asking permission from the bride

First time both the Bride and Groom see each other as Husband and Wife …

Shhh, the honeymooners are almost back.

My gosh the last few days i’ve been busy sifting through the photos upon photos. If your friends and family or regular Kylie Eather Photography fans *wink, wink* please feel free to leave ‘Congratulations comments’ for Kevin and Hayley in my comments section.

Here is part II for Kevin and Hayley.



Check out Kevin’s hand!




Congratulations Kevin and Hayley

Finally the day had arrived. So much preparation and thought had been planned in Kevin and Hayley’s wedding. The magnificent detail that both mother of the bride and bride had put into the invitations, name tags, table numbers, cards, gift boxes right up to the gorgeous tiered cupcake wedding cake, is unbelievable! Going with a black and white theme (much to the photographers heart attack, as any photographer would know)  every last detail was tied together. Thankyou so much Kevin and Hayley in allowing me to come and capture your special day.

While our newlyweds are on the honeymoon, I have special permission to post a few sneak previews.

Part I










J and K – Ipswich Wedding Photographer

Spunky Groom and Gorgeous Bride …. Here you go J, sorry for the delay I haven’t forgotton.

Few shots for R & D – Wedding Photography

Let me know which one, if any that suits. I’ve also got a shot of the buggy, I’ll add that in the morning as it’s a little too late now and we all know I need as much beauty sleep as I can get.

J & K Wedding Ipswich Wedding Photography