A mothers tender touch – Ipswich Family Photographer

I finally got to meet up with my beautiful friend Susan another talented photographer. Master E came for a visit and mini photo session. He’s sooo cute and the youngest of 8 boys. Yes, it amazes me everyday how carefree, relaxed and calm Susan is! Thank you Susan for coming over, can’t wait to catch up again!!


How exciting!! Brenda’s baby is finally here

So excited, 9 days late lol I finally received a sms Willamina is out, yay!!

Haha and my Miss 10 said the baby would be “Willy” lol …. oooh to make lots of girly props *grins*

Master C – Ipswich Children Photography

Today I had a quick mini shoot with Master C, Thankyou Rachel for bringing C around. It’s wonderful seeing how much a little one can change in 5months.

Full of smiles this little man!

Vintage – Brisbane & Ipswich Family Photographer

Late last year on one of our 4wd weekends, we found a little spot that I adore. Out comes camera, child and voila ……

Miss P – Special mini anniversary shoot

Yesterday I meet with D and Miss P for a quick mini shoot. It’s D and T’s 5th anniversary coming up. Special surprise for daddy, so  shhh……

Photo a day – day 30 …. Weekly Massage.

Personal Challenge is coming to the end. I wont go through the normal spiel, as I’m sure your all aware what I’ve been doing for the last month. If you haven’t please feel free to look at my daily blogging in January.

No one misses massages in our house, apart from me *sigh* Our dog loves being with people, he’s never too far from one of us. Or is happily running after or sitting back watching what the kids are doing. Today Miss 6 caught him and sat down for his weekly massage.

Photo a day – Day 29 – So proud!

Personal Challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

Couldn’t go past this little man …. he’s so proud of himself. Really getting into writing, drawing and anything crafty. Tonight he drew roller skates and stuck them onto his person he drew. One quick shot and he was off skating around the house. I don’t know what it is but he’s really into the thumbs up … I don’t complain just roll with it while I can lol