R, J, J, Z and C family – Brisbane Family Photographer

Part III from Fridays shoot. It’s been awhile since I’ve had older boys to photograph. 13 ,10 , 7 (hope I’m right?) are fantastic to photograph. 3 boys + long grass = love!

Little Miss C I do love your smile!

This shot cracks me up. I was getting myself ready for the shot and could see these two hands pop up. Poor Z didn’t know what was happening.


Things you find

This morning we decided to walk to school. On the way out the door I thought I’d grab my camera just incase we find something along the way. There are these beautiful flowers in a creek just around the corner but due to the storms they’re not looking as pretty, or standing at the moment. A little further up Master 3 and I found two gorgeous pony’s. At first one was a little hesitant and neighed at us, but it wasn’t before longĀ oneĀ came up to us. Talk about a pony’s dream thick, green lush grass to eat.




Few shots for R & D – Wedding Photography

Let me know which one, if any that suits. I’ve also got a shot of the buggy, I’ll add that in the morning as it’s a little too late now and we all know I need as much beauty sleep as I can get.

Mother of the bride arrives in style

Nicole and I had a ball photographing this. It was so sweet and gorgeous watching them ride down the street. Mother of the bride is the lovely lady with the hat on. I think we gave the other horse a bit of a heart attack down the road when we were standing in the middle of the road trying to get photos.