The day before C & R’s little man arrives …

This afternoon we had a quick shoot for C & R who’s little man will come tomorrow. Poor R I had her up down, in and out. Head up R … be proud! Thank you for this afternoon, I know you’ll love your photos just as much as I do. Good luck for tomorrow and thankyou for your patience with my three running at riot in the background. Peeking over the lounge and swinging off air.

This photo cracks me up!!


Anyone for Cake? Ipswich Childrens Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this little man as a newborn, 6weeks and now for Master M’s first birthday this month.

For anyone who doesn’t know the idea of a ‘cake smash’ is to let your little one have the pleasure of doing what ever they like with the cake. From poking, touching, squeezing, steping and even the odd ‘what do I do?’ moment. Well Master M was one of the ‘what do I do?’ he just sat there and looked at us. So we bought Master M’s Mummy and two older sisters in for some fun. When I was preparing for the day I never once had on my mind food fight and this is how it ended. It was a blast!! Although I think M was in a little shock and finally opened up with big smiles at the end.

Happy Birthday Master M!!!

then off he goes …..


Ahhh, what happened to the cake?

Ruby – 23 days old

Check out the hair, so divine! Here is Miss Ruby at 23 days. In my eyes every so tiny, not to mum and dad. Ruby is a little older than my normal newborn sessions and she made me work hard for every shot. We were lucky to have Daddy whisperer with us to help settle little Ruby, until the mean Kylie reposed for the next shot. Yes, and I soon learnt how well Ruby knew mummy. That skin to skin contact soon changed all of Daddy’s baby whispering. But shhh we quickly settled before Daddy came back *wink*

 Congratulations T & K, enjoy every little moment of your precious little girl. I’ll have your gallery up soon.



Daddy the baby whisperer

Results from Daddy whisperer

Gorgeous Country Family – Ipswich Family Photographer

I’m a wee bit behind …. I’ve known this gorgeous family for a few years now. I was delighted when contacted to ask if I could come and capture some family photos. With light showers on and off all day, I was stressing a little bit that we’d have to postpone. Thankfully the rain held off and it became a gorgeous afternoon. I did overcome my fear of horses and touched one, fully entertained by Buster the dog …..  It was nice to meet K’s parents, C&P. Miss L and Master H say hi to Buster and Cricket for me. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon D&K …. K here’s real tease for you *wink, wink*

Special thank you to another beautiful family friend who looked after my three cherubs. I even came home with delicious home baking. Also a child who wanted to bake the next day ….. yes, thaaaank  you.

I’ll be in touch soon.

Model Head shots – Ipswich Photographer

My good friend Berry just recently went for a new hair cut. After asking for a photographer to capture some head shots, I jumped at the chance. We went for a couple of different looks. I think our last session the punk is my one of my favourites.

Ipswich Newborn Photographer – 13 Days old

Early last week I had the opportunity to meet C and capture pictures of little Miss L. I know I say this every time but you really do forget how small newborns are. Still at this age your never too young to catch a cold. Poor little L was a little restless. We had her in every which way to make sure L was comfortable. Thank you once again C, it was lovely to meet you.

Mothers Day Surprise – Ipswich Newborn Photographer

Firstly I’d like to congratulate S & L. Miss G is one of my  most placid, relaxed beautiful babies I’ve had so far. Normally we heat up the room, so everyone is nice and toasty. But on Sunday the weather was nice and we headed out on the back veranda for our photo session. Miss G had no problems stripping down, not even a stir when we had her hanging in the air. Thank you so much for inviting me to come and capture your sweet princess. I hope you enjoy your photos.

Miss G at 7days …. Part 1.