Photo a day – day 28

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

Well it’s coming close to the end of the month. My three are well and truly over having their photo done. Bribes aren’t working anymore, they’re on to me lol. I was so close to throwing it in tonight but our kitten took pitty on me and posed with his favourite mouse. He loves this ratty mouse, it’s starting to fall apart from being chewed on, carried from bedroom to bedroom. I’ve lost count how many times it’s gone under the lounge. 16 weeks old now, he’s fitted into the family nicely …. well at times. A few little quirks

-loves to hang upside down

– learnt to climb trees …. yes, that worries me!

– loves his scratchy pole

– no matter how much he hisses at the dog, he loves to lay at the backdoor with the dog. On the other side of the screen of course!

– has learnt the more you bite the dog the more the dog licks you like a lollypop

– loves to snuggle with the kids, then biting their ears and running off.

– is often caught eating the scraps the kids leave behind and it doesn’t matter if they’ve finished or not.

– hates water and shakes his paws like crazy when they get wet.

Oh but the best of all … for someone who dislikes cats

– loves to wait until my husband has gone to work and sleeps on his pillow. Some one was caught this morning! haha


Photo a day – Day 7 Brisbane & Ipswich Animal Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January. Today was a quite day at home. Kids weren’t too interested in having their photo taken today. So our kitten was model for day 7.

My new assistant

Good help is hard to find. Yesterday we welcomed a new member to our family, he’s cute, fluffy and has a funny personality. Already in training to chase our pesky ducks from our pool he’s had great delight chasing bugs. Loves being up high, upside down and has 5 minute quick rechargeable batteries.

Today is his first day on the job currently sleeping  behind the computer. See good help is hard to find 😉