Funky Face Painting

Back in February, little slow on my upload. We had Master 5’s birthday party “Princess & Pirates” Vanessa from “Funky Face Painting” came out to entertain the kids. Hard at work, loved by all the children, fabulous work as always!! Thank you so much Vanessa we had an awesome day!

Available in Queensland and interstate for Children Parties, Special Events, Glow Painting, Schools, Fates, Corporate Events.


Swimming Carnival 2010 – Proud mummy moment!

Okay I’m sunburnt, it rained, we had clouds and sun … I’m burnt ┬ábut it was all worth it.. My eldest had her swimming carnival today at school. Trying not to look like the obsessed photographer, I did manage to get a couple of shots today. It doesn’t matter if you come first or last, as long as you get to the other end. Yes, all of those swimming lessons did pay off! So proud of herself Miss 10 came first in the 11 year old Breaststroke … soooo proud of my little girl!

Home stretch on the 50 meters Breaststroke

Photo a day – Day 27 First day of school

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day.

Today is a special day, my last baby is off to school. He’s so exited wearing his uniform twice yesterday, being snotted on by the dog, mummy having to wash his shirt again. Waking at 5am, then bounced out of bed just before 7am. We were all early for the first time and probably the last time for school this year. I seem to be missing one child from this set, by the time Miss 10 was ready Master 4 was over it ….

Today’s photo a day … “I’ll hold your hand”

this is when we started to loose the plot …

and this was the end …. all doing their own thing. Photographers children??

Photo a day – day 23

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

We’re all wearing thin, kids are over school holidays and there is no excitement from me taking photos of them lounging around doing nothing. After my no so much of a walk with Miss 10 and the dog. We came home to find the other two in the pool. Now to get a photo of all three together is a challenge in itself!! The girls are always willing but the boy yes one has to stand out in the crowd ….

and then we tried again one more time …. yes should have just hung the lens up for the day lol