Photo a day – day 13 …. some photographers should just stay behind the camera.

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

This is actually the hardest thing for me to do. Self portraits are hard, like really hard. I wont let you know how many photos i’ve taken and how many ended up being deleted. Lets just say …. it will be a long time before it happens again! Enjoy while it’s here, as it may not stay and HOPEFULLY I’ll find something better throughout the day. Be prepared and it’s cool to close your eyes if you wish …. I know I am. By the way I wasn’t joking from my self portrait on day 9, see the  resemblance? lol

Photo a day – day 9 Brisbane & Ipswich Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January. Todays was a hard challenge after shopping all day, spending WAY too much money … did I mention shopping with kids is a delight? I thought what could be better than a self portrait …. take your seats people and check out the real Kylie Eather Photography

Now how could I not go by without a portrait of my darling husband.

Now I would have taken photos of the kids but we sadly had to leave them back at the shops to work off everything they brought today. So I’ll leave you with a gorgeous sunset instead

For my husband – Shameless Ipswich Photographer

I did work today. Okay one child at home sick, million other things I was suppose to be doing. Self portraits are really hard!! I have to confess I was too lazy to get the tripod, so all shots were taken handheld, so excuse some of the angles  and the housework clothes lol.

The first and most likely the last time you’ll see me behind and infront of the camera, so enjoy!