Miss Willamina 13 days – Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Second time lucky, is second time funny. Finally we had a sleep baby, she was so good!! Older brother (Master 2) whilest being my little assistant, he also kept me entertained!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full black and white post.

Brenda and her spunky fuzz :p

Master 2 went in and stole a baby chick while we were busy taking the first image. Oh it was funny, as all I heard was he’s got a chicken. Expecting a large chicken to be flung under one arm, out pops this chick. Of course Brenda couldn’t help herself as I was working hard in pops this chick.

Sweet and innocent! A photographer knows when they need to go on a diet when you hear ‘bum bum’ love it, he still cracks me up!


Photo a day – day 12 Queensland Photographer

Personal Challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day.

It’s been a nice quiet and relaxing day. For once I’ve had time out, just to chill, sit back and read a book. It’s been a long time!! I thought I better see what everyone was doing as it was really quiet in the house for once and found Master 4 asleep on the lounge.

Nothing better than a midday nap

I had to giggle today. One asleep on the lounge, the other asleep on top of the coffee table. Life is just so hard being a kid. Remember the days where you could snooze anywhere? For me they’re long gone ….