Photo a day – day 9 Brisbane & Ipswich Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January. Todays was a hard challenge after shopping all day, spending WAY too much money … did I mention shopping with kids is a delight? I thought what could be better than a self portrait …. take your seats people and check out the real Kylie Eather Photography

Now how could I not go by without a portrait of my darling husband.

Now I would have taken photos of the kids but we sadly had to leave them back at the shops to work off everything they brought today. So I’ll leave you with a gorgeous sunset instead


Down on the beach

Part III

After the ceremony we headed down to the beach. It was gorgeous, the light was right and the wind play the part blowing Hayley’s dress. The afternoon was beautiful!! Here is a quick selection from the beach. Thankyou once again Kevin and Hayley, I’ll be intouch soon.

Thankyou to my assistant for the day, Andrea. To see Andrea’s sneak peak they can be viewed

As the sunsets. – Ipswich Photographer

It’s been an extremely busy day today. I’d say one of the busiest days of the holidays so far. Running here, running there. This evening after this evenings, hmmm run, jog, brisk walk really a bit of everything. I was hoping to get more of a earlier sunset and had given up all hope until I saw this. I love sunset and would adore sunrise if it wasn’t so early and I didn’t go to bed so late every night.

Photo a day 09.01.09