Anyone for Cake? Ipswich Childrens Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this little man as a newborn, 6weeks and now for Master M’s first birthday this month.

For anyone who doesn’t know the idea of a ‘cake smash’ is to let your little one have the pleasure of doing what ever they like with the cake. From poking, touching, squeezing, steping and even the odd ‘what do I do?’ moment. Well Master M was one of the ‘what do I do?’ he just sat there and looked at us. So we bought Master M’s Mummy and two older sisters in for some fun. When I was preparing for the day I never once had on my mind food fight and this is how it ended. It was a blast!! Although I think M was in a little shock and finally opened up with big smiles at the end.

Happy Birthday Master M!!!

then off he goes …..


Ahhh, what happened to the cake?


2 Responses to “Anyone for Cake? Ipswich Childrens Photographer”

  1. Liddell Says:

    Once again great Pics Kylie!! It looks like they had a great day! love the one of him crawling away!

  2. Simone Says:

    I LOVE these photos so very cute!! My favourite would be the one of Mum “cleaning” her boy 🙂

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