Happy New Year everyone …..

Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year thank you for all your comments. I do enjoy receiving them, it’s nice to feel that I’m heading on the right track. It’s been such a busy and sometimes crazy for 2008. I’ve learnt so much and hopefully you’ve noticed too. I can’t wait for 2009 and what it brings, I have a few things planned along the way.

I’m taking bookings for 2009 and have a few things booked already so keep an eye in here for a few Maternity, newborn and Weddings. I’m also excited that I’m heading towards Toowoomba in late January for a sunset shoot, with a few fellow fantastic photographers. I’ve joined a photo a day in January which will keep me on my toes to come up with something different and hopefully unique for everyone to see.

I would leave you with something special like pretty pictures of fireworks but it has been a long day spent with friends. My three had a absolute ball and you would think at 11pm they’d all be passed out in bed!  But I think daddy gave them the extra boost by taking us all swimming on sunset.


Bring on 2009 and everything that it brings. Have a safe and enjoyable night everyone 🙂

Master M part II

I was lucky enough to spend some time with S, S, L, K and Master M just before christmas. It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve seen Master M and he’s grown so much!! Of course to true time, I arrived as Master M was waking. It was beautiful to watch Miss L and Miss K fussing over M.





Day and Night

Last night when we arrived home this gorgeous green tree frog was sitting on the path. Since we’ve been here, I don’t think there is a day that we haven’t seen or heard the frogs. Christmas Eve we were lucky enough to see a baby green tree frog jumping around. Then today when the kids went swimming a little water dragon popped up on the rock to have a look around. So inquisitive, watching the children and having a black camera in it’s face. S/he played the part for me.







Merry Christmas

Just wanted to pop on quickly to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe time over the next couple of weeks. It’s be chaos around here like usual. The Christmas shopping is finally done but the presents still aren’t wrapped, it’s going to be a long night! Now I better run off and look as tho I’ve been madly cleaning all afternoon.

Before I quickly go, here is a shot of one of our friends little girl.



Nothing better than a midday nap

I had to giggle today. One asleep on the lounge, the other asleep on top of the coffee table. Life is just so hard being a kid. Remember the days where you could snooze anywhere? For me they’re long gone ….



Mary and Joseph

This year Miss 5’s class put on a Christmas play teaching us a little history of Christmas. We learnt how different cultures from all over the world celebrate Christmas. A few mothers were discussing about how the children were coming home and telling us that if your naughty Jack Black gives you coal instead of receiving presents from Santa. With us all puzzled and scratching our heads, soon it was all reveled.

Miss 5 was lucky enough to play the Part of Mary. During her trek Joseph lifting her up upon her donkey, he whisked her off to Bethlehem. Where poor Mary endured a hard labour with Jesus umbilical cord getting stuck. So many parents in giggles when Mary was told to pull rather than push.








Please excuse my absence.

Please excuse my absence over the last few days. I’ve been busy with school ending, concerts, parades, Christmas shopping, then a few days break. Leading us into today of finally putting up the Christmas tree. With all the excitement from my three, mummy was over it before it started. Now our tragic oops I mean beautifully decorated, leaning Christmas tree with the 50 candy canes which are disappearing  quickly. I have a few moments spare to add a few more photos for you J.