Little Miss O – 8 Days old Ipswich Newborn Photographer

Today I had the pleasure of shooting Miss O. 8 days old and alot of patience we finally got her to sleep. Baby sister to three bothers, we should have made some noise!!

Thank you Kate and Dave, I’ll be in touch soon with the rest of your gallery.


Sweet Miss S – 10 months Brisbane and Ipswich Family Photographer

Really looking forward to this session. Beautiful sunny afternoon with a gorgeous family!! I worked briefly with R a few *cough* years ago. So delighted when I saw R’s sweet little girl!! The red hair, looooove the hair and lots of it!!

Thank you A & R will be in touch soon …

Miss Willamina 13 days – Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Second time lucky, is second time funny. Finally we had a sleep baby, she was so good!! Older brother (Master 2) whilest being my little assistant, he also kept me entertained!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full black and white post.

Brenda and her spunky fuzz :p

Master 2 went in and stole a baby chick while we were busy taking the first image. Oh it was funny, as all I heard was he’s got a chicken. Expecting a large chicken to be flung under one arm, out pops this chick. Of course Brenda couldn’t help herself as I was working hard in pops this chick.

Sweet and innocent! A photographer knows when they need to go on a diet when you hear ‘bum bum’ love it, he still cracks me up!

Photo a day – Day 19 Ipswich Children Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January.

Today was a lazy one, after Miss 10 having a friend sleep over and the chitter chat, plus the pitter pat of footsteps to see who could last until midnight. Both girls out did each other and 1:50am rolled on when all was asleep. Having thought I may have a snappy tom this afternoon it wasn’t the eldest but the younger two *sigh* Finding someone … something to inspire me was hard! Loosing light, I quickly grabbed Miss 10, who was excited to be the photo a day.

Photo a day – Day 4 Brisbane and Ipswich Photographer

Personal challenge for 2010 is to take a photo a day in January. Today was busy in and out of home. This afternoon I went searching for ideas. After being dragged out of the house to go on a mammoth walk. After weeks of this tooth just wobbling around, many times begging daddy to pull it out. It finally fell out … not lets hope the tooth fairy comes tonight!

Ruby – 23 days old

Check out the hair, so divine! Here is Miss Ruby at 23 days. In my eyes every so tiny, not to mum and dad. Ruby is a little older than my normal newborn sessions and she made me work hard for every shot. We were lucky to have Daddy whisperer with us to help settle little Ruby, until the mean Kylie reposed for the next shot. Yes, and I soon learnt how well Ruby knew mummy. That skin to skin contact soon changed all of Daddy’s baby whispering. But shhh we quickly settled before Daddy came back *wink*

 Congratulations T & K, enjoy every little moment of your precious little girl. I’ll have your gallery up soon.



Daddy the baby whisperer

Results from Daddy whisperer

Gorgeous Ipswich Family

So much has happened in the last week. I flew down to Sydney for just over 24 hours. While I was down there, I had a beautiful family session, pictures to come soon. My eldest turned 10 last week and one week of school holidays down, one more to go.

I’m still trying to catch up with myself, as June has been my busiest month by far. A few weeks ago, I went out to capture a family shot of 5 children for an upcoming birthday present. 5 children all at once well, was as hard as I expected. But loved the thrill of trying to capture the moment. As it’s a birthday present it’s all hush …. so wont be posted on here. But never fear I have more gorgeous images of the three ….. Here you go L!!