Little Miss O – 8 Days old Ipswich Newborn Photographer

Today I had the pleasure of shooting Miss O. 8 days old and alot of patience we finally got her to sleep. Baby sister to three bothers, we should have made some noise!!

Thank you Kate and Dave, I’ll be in touch soon with the rest of your gallery.

Miss Willamina 13 days – Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Second time lucky, is second time funny. Finally we had a sleep baby, she was so good!! Older brother (Master 2) whilest being my little assistant, he also kept me entertained!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full black and white post.

Brenda and her spunky fuzz :p

Master 2 went in and stole a baby chick while we were busy taking the first image. Oh it was funny, as all I heard was he’s got a chicken. Expecting a large chicken to be flung under one arm, out pops this chick. Of course Brenda couldn’t help herself as I was working hard in pops this chick.

Sweet and innocent! A photographer knows when they need to go on a diet when you hear ‘bum bum’ love it, he still cracks me up!

How exciting!! Brenda’s baby is finally here

So excited, 9 days late lol I finally received a sms Willamina is out, yay!!

Haha and my Miss 10 said the baby would be “Willy” lol …. oooh to make lots of girly props *grins*

Facebook Fans – March Madness

I’ve just posted on Kylie Eather Photography a special offer of $50 session fee, thats half price!! For the first 5 facebook fan’s to book and session held before 30th of June 2010.

To take up the oppitunity of this offer – become a fan here Kylie Eather Photography Facebook

Now I can’t leave without posting a image. For the last month I’ve been working with the wonderful and talented Minna Burgess Photography and Mircale Me 3d and 4d ultrasound imaging located at Mt Gravatt. I have fallen in love with Maternity and Newborn Photography all over again. So here is a quick look at one of my favourite images. There will be plenty more to come at a later date.

Have a great day!

Gold Coasts latest Prince Charming – Gold Coast QLD

So exciting and long time waiting … thanks J!! Master K wanted us to wait … finally after receiving a text saying how J forgot how boring hospitals were. To less than two hours later “he’s here” I was jumping with joy! Oh another gorgeous sweet boy to play with. I’ve had alot of girls this year and my last two newborns have been boys. This session went of with a rip or should I say hit!! Yes, Kylie just wont go there lol While K was being settled, I quickly grabbed K & H for a few photos. Oh totally LOVED photographing these two princesses, reminds me why I do children’s photography!!

Thank you so much J for allowing me to come down and photography Master K. He’s just adorable and I think this first image says it all.

Shh K’s sleeping … the two gigglepots!!

Meet baby C – Ipswich newborn photographer

Yes, I’ve been neglecting my poor blog, and fellow blog readers. Life has just been crazy for the last couple of months both business and our children’s social life. I have a few post catch ups coming.

Tonight’s special post makes me g from old house to the new this blog post is the follow-on from C & R shoot back in November. Master C finally arrived!!  He’s gorgeous, squishy and a pleasure to photograph. Oh didn’t C make daddy proud when he finally let out a wet one!! Thankyou C & R

The day before C & R’s little man arrives …

This afternoon we had a quick shoot for C & R who’s little man will come tomorrow. Poor R I had her up down, in and out. Head up R … be proud! Thank you for this afternoon, I know you’ll love your photos just as much as I do. Good luck for tomorrow and thankyou for your patience with my three running at riot in the background. Peeking over the lounge and swinging off air.

This photo cracks me up!!