Funky Face Painting

Back in February, little slow on my upload. We had Master 5’s birthday party “Princess & Pirates” Vanessa from “Funky Face Painting” came out to entertain the kids. Hard at work, loved by all the children, fabulous work as always!! Thank you so much Vanessa we had an awesome day!

Available in Queensland and interstate for Children Parties, Special Events, Glow Painting, Schools, Fates, Corporate Events.


Happy Birthday to my little man

Wow it’s hard to believe that 4 years has past, since the birth of now Master 4. What can I say everyday is different and entertaining!! Over the last couple of months Master 4 has changed from the quiet shy child, into a talking, walking confident boy who is just full of life. I bribed him today for photos and of course it had to include the dog. Seriously who ever says never to work with children or animals is on the right track, so they both just went for it.




There are more images coming, so feel free to check back soon. Just currently arguing with computer space, sadly the computer is winning.

I’m slowly winning ….




There is one thing that can’t be tamed is the love that Master 4 has for his dog. Who also turned 1 yesterday.